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Thread: Ithaca 37

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    Quote Originally Posted by OLIAR15 View Post
    Last may I bought this nickel Ithaca model 37 Featherlight DSPS (Deer Slayer Police Special) from a private seller for $ 600. Built in 1981, almost new, shiny and pretty and a lot of fun to shoot

    It has the somewhat bizarre Raybar front sight

    Around the same period I saw a parkerized model 37 Featherlight made in 1976 for sale at the LGS, which was double the price. Six months later it was still there, I had a few late night drinks with the owner of the LGS and we struck a deal at $ 1000. Not cheap but those model 37 are as rare as henís teeth here in Switzerland.

    I like having a pair of those

    shes a bute clark, just needs a sword for a bayonet.

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    Just got my first 37 today from my dad. A 20 ga that someone before him cut the barrel back and put red fiber optic on and refinished. I really can't wait to get it to the range.

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