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    2011s in LE Use

    I do find it somewhat remarkable that Staccato has been able to take the 2011 from a competition handgun into one that's almost main stream for LE.

    Here is a recent article that mentions 500+ departments allow the 2011 for police use:

    I'm curious about the numbers. I assume 99% of the guns being carried are personal purchase with only the best-funded SWAT teams buying for team use. Groups like USMS and probably LAPD SWAT.

    Anyway, the big point to discuss is the real (or imagined) benefit the 2011 has over pretty much everything else out there. Is the $2400 price tag worth it or are we just talking status symbol?

    And where is Wilson Combat in all this? If Staccato can re-invent the 2011 for police use can't Wilson Combat make inroads into the same market with the SFX9 and the EDC X9L? Don't these guns swim in the same market space?

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