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Thread: 2011s in LE Use

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serlo II View Post
    I purchased a Staccato P for duty as a reserve deputy in 2021. I have not been able to run 200 rounds through it without a failure. All failures appear to be magazine related. I've contacted Staccato customer service but don't have a resolution as of yet.
    The gun is brilliant to shoot when it works. I don't think I'll keep it in the long run.
    heard about a few folks upgraded to Atlas 18lb springs and issues

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    Off-Topic but kind of notóitís 2011 relatedóbut does anyone own, know anyone who owns, or has anyone had the opportunity to handle/shoot an Alchemy Quantico Hi-Cap?

    Iíve decided if ever I decide to actually get into the 2011 game, that looks like a prime (no pun intended) candidate.
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