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Thread: Glock 49

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    There are some sayings Iíve heard over the years:

    The average civilian gunfight is three rounds at three yards in three seconds.

    Nobody ever asks for less capacity or a smaller gun in a gunfight.

    A subcompact on your hip is better than a full-size at home.

    Statistically, youíre never going to get in a gunfight.

    Play with your dick, not guns.

    At the end of the day, obsessing over the perfect gun is futile. Trying to figure out what it is on an Internet forum, even more so. The more training you have, the less you care about what gun youíre using.

    Most of the time I carry a mostly stock Gen 3 Glock 19 and one reload on my belt, and a handheld flashlight. Iíve used similar in force on force and never felt the gun is what held me back, it was always my skills.

    We as enthusiasts turn the gun into a hobby more so than a tool. That is part of our problem obsessing over things that donít matter. Iím not saying that we canít improve technology over time, but the average shooter canít max out the capability of the gear we already have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crosseyedshooter View Post
    Iím getting so confused by all of this; for the longest time, a full-size slide with compact grip was supposed to be the catís meow, but very few manufacturers did it. Then Glock comes out with the opposite, a compact slide with full-size grip in the 19x/45 and everyone went nuts over it. Now theyíre doing the first configuration. So, which one is Perfection?
    To Glock, any configuration that sells more Glocks!

    I really like the G45 and G43X 'crossovers' for what they are - the longer grip giving better grip / leverage and a usable slide / barrel length.

    I know some love the long slide and it's the 'easy' part to conceal, but anything past a G19 length slide is a pain when I sit down or do real life activities other that standing in front of the mirror.

    The Boomer "But Mah Sight Radius" is OBE when you put a red dot on the pistol (if it wasn't completely already - an extra inch of iron sight radius at CCW ranges means nothing to me even without dots).

    But normally the G19 / G43X is the perfect compromise of size, weight, shoot-ability, and capacity for me. I shoot the G45 faster / better than the G19, but I shoot the G19 better than the G43X and G43.

    Back to the G49 - I think I'd prefer a G45 w/comp to a G49, but I'm happy Glock is producing new models people want.

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    Glock 49

    How well balanced it would feel in oneís hands is the question for me.
    The longer grip to shorter slide on the G45 and G43X is what makes both guns feel well balanced (imho).
    Letís see how the other way around would do.
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