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    Bought a couple of A-Tec CMM (compact modular moderator) .22lr silencers

    Every “ring” can be unscrewed and disassembled for cleaning. You can also remove some in order to shorten the silencer. I didn’t notice much difference with two rings less.

    I have a Colt service model ace with an extended threaded barrel and an old Parker Hale silencer

    The A-Tec is substantially quieter

    And it doesn’t seem to affect accuracy (25 m offhand)

    I also tried it on an old French Unique X51 semi auto rifle. Extremely quiet as can be expected

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    I have a Q-Erector that is basically the same design. Mine is uglier because of the way the tools mesh with it for assembly/disassembly but it is so light I can barely tell it is attached. Yours appears to have more volume though and I am sure that translates into more dB reduction.
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    Sadly this is one area where US shooters will never know about.

    Since the 1968 GCA banned the import of all NFA items, any suppressor made after that date is considered a "premay" dealer sample machine gun and can never be transferred to an individual. This is why nobody could lay hands on B&T suppressors for their UMP SBRs until some US manufacturers started making them.

    It is insane that US shooters can buy domestic suppressors but any imported suppressor is non transferable. 90% of US gun owners don't even know foreign machine guns and suppressors and SBRs were banned all the way back in 1968, all they know is Reagan banned machine guns in 1986, not a clue that all factory MP5s, Uzis, etc. were actually banned more than 20 years before that.
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