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Thread: Chrome Lined Barrels & Chrome Plated Parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaijin View Post
    “Chrome” as it is used in firearms is “Industrial Hard Chrome” and its application and wear characteristics have little in common with “Chrome Plating” as used in autos/bicycles/etc.
    Hard Chrome is applied by an electrolysis process and if applied properly, will not, cannot flake off.
    Hard Chrome is/has been used in Aerospace and Salt H2O environments for its abrasion and fairly good corrosion resistant properties.

    “Melonite”, a nitro carberizing process is better in corrosion resistance and at least as good, if not better, in abrasion resistance than HC. It is used in firearm production as well; think Glocks “Tennifer”.

    “Nitride” is a similar nitro carberizing process to Melonite, but involves a lower temperature in application and is not as abrasion resistant as Melonite.
    The temperatures used in Melonite can destroy or damage smaller parts.
    I was thinking that exact same thing. I wish LOL !!!! Gaijin for the win.

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    I prefer CL and CHF barrels on all my carbines and that is including AK's. Longer life, better cleaning and no rust. That is military standard all over this planet and environmental crap is funny

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