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With all the commie states passing AWBs, I wish a quality manufacturer would bring back the IMI Timberwolf.

I recently picked up a pair of them at a ranch auction. I went there looking for some odds & ends and came across a bunch of hunting rifles and shotguns, none of which I knew anything about. I saw the Timberwolf laying on top of the box, at first I thought it was a little pump 410 given the thickness of the barrel. But when I picked it up I discovered it was 357, then found the box had a second one still inside. Everyone went crazy bidding on all the other stuff, when they got to these no one seemed interested. Being a sucker for 357 lever actions I couldn't resist and walked away with both for about $800 which I thought was a steal. A bit heavy but fun to shoot, I put a red dot on one and anything within 100 gets thumped quickly.

I still haven't shot the 308 yet as Ive been pretty busy and have no idea what to shoot out of it.
Someone suggested Hornady 110gr TAP Urban as its supposed to be light recoiling but devastating on bad people.
I was thinking of putting a 1-4 or 1-6 scope on it