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Thread: Ruger MK II silenced

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    Ruger MK II silenced

    Saw this at the LGS over a year ago. However he told me it wasnít ready for sale, he had to check function, price it etc.. Somehow I forgot about it, until it popped up on his shelves back in December. He told me my good shooting buddy, whom I introduced him to, reserved it and already paid for it. Bloody hell, talk about betrayal.

    Now my buddy didnít know you needed a special permit for it due to the silencer, and he didnít want to deal with that, so he finally decided to pass and I bought it for $ 650.

    RAID stands for Recherche, assistance, intervention, dissuasion (which I think does not need a translation). Itís an elite tactical unit of the French National Police

    Iím pretty sure thereís no real connection to RAID, just a tribute.

    I tested it a bit in the backyard, itís very quiet

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    That's really cool!

    I continue to be in awe of your collection and the absolutely amazing things you turn up. Thanks for sharing!

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    Very nice! Let us know if you post a video somewhere.
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