This class will be held at the luxurious Dallas Pistol Club in Carrollton, Texas. If you have been to Rangemaster Tac-Con, you know where this is. Easy to get to via vehicle just off US I-35, and there are two airports just minutes away.

We will be in the fully air-conditioned Carrollton Police Range classroom, with all modern convivences. You don't need to bring or buy expensive ammo. And yours truly will be delighted to give you a free tour of the Dallas Pistol Club at no additional cost!

This one-day course will prepare you and your range personnel for emergency medical incidents. In class, students learn how to identify and treat common injuries/illnesses related to the shooting sports while at an indoor or outdoor shooting range. These injuries can be as simple as a hot brass burn or as serious as a gunshot wound. Not only will you learn what to do until the ambulance arrives; but you’ll learn how to set up a plan of action specifically for your range. This class is equally balanced in both administrative and actual medical skills.

Some of the subjects covered in this course:

- Medical & Legal Issues
- Scene Safety
- Patient Assessment; rapid trauma assessment
- Identify & Treat
Moderate to major bleeding
Minor to severe burns
Impaled objects
Eye injuries
- Environmental Emergencies
Heat & Cold related injuries
Animal Bites & Stings
- Medical equipment selection
- Creating medical contingencies
- Coordinating with local public safety assets

The cost of the class is $250.00/person.

The class will be held in the Carrolton Police Building Classroom starting at 8:00AM and running till 5:00PM.

For more information, contact

Or you can reach out to me, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DPC MEMBER TO ATTE