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Thread: MLOK Handguard for Zastava M70

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    MLOK Handguard for Zastava M70

    After a year of shooting, I think I want to upgrade my Zastava side folder. I think the Magpul Zukhov stock is the way to go, since the stock triangle feels like getting whacked in the face, but Iím unsure on a guard handguard. I want something I can mount a light on so I can use as a truck/camp rifle, but beyond that Iím not picky. Figuring out what is and is not AK compatible is a pain the ass. I would like polymer or metal (not wood) but all I need is a place to mount a surefire so the extra long rail Zastava sells seems like overkill. Any recommendations?
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    You can use something on the barrel in front of the handguard to mount a light - RS Reg and others have them. Then you use any handguard you want. Zastava has its own now but its long and VERY heavy. All I use a HG for is a vert grip now. There are good alloy ones out there - like TDI Arms. Also, I would just say that it is HARD to beat an Ultimak to provide a super stable basis for a red dot and especially a light mount that won't quit ever.

    Zhukov stock is fine for the ergos but is NOT all that robust. If they had made a different hinge I'd be more of a fan.
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    Look up TDI Arms.
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    I like my SLR AK forearms and rails. Pretty sure they make one that will work for you.


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