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Thread: M4C Dicken Drill Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaijin View Post
    Well done! Both will work.

    Do you know which shot is the miss with G43? I have a theory……..

    I worked on my P365 trigger. PITA and took a bit, but I’ve effectively removed the gritty/stagey take up before the WALL (such as there is).
    Tuesday I shot this cold with the P365, reasoning that’s what I’m carrying til my C2 gets back from slide milling.
    I had a 13.91 with 5-A, 3-C, 2 miss (first and last shot). I struggle with Striker guns in general, the P365 in particular.
    No clue how to post pics.
    I have no idea which was my first shot. I hope it wasn't the first one...

    How do you carry your C2? Appendix? I am so comfortable with my G43, but I need a dot. Big time.
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    Thinking Hi Probability of 1st shot after reload. And yeah, that’s “projection”, I’m known to rush that shot- particularly with a slow reload.

    Yes AIWB carry with C2.

    And YES you do need optics in a carry gun. OK, don’t “need” optics, but you’ll likely find your precision improves, especially at distance. And your speed will be unaffected when you muscle memory Dot presentation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinzgauer View Post
    Or maybe you can drop the Boomer snark which you managed to work into every topic. (At least the last six threads that you have posted in)

    Boomers are such an overused and worn out trope it's essentially meaningless.

    Tell us how did the bad Boomer hurt you? Can you point to it on the doll?
    Okay boomer

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    Enough. I'm perfectly happy to send Boomers, Millennials, GEN X/Y/Z people on vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurodriver View Post
    This is what I did with my G43.

    I can’t hit 15s with pocket carrying the mag. Best I did was 16.42
    Got out today and shot it with the 43 a couple of times. Naturally I tried to go quick and got the results to match…. 3 hits first time, 4 the second. Pretty miserable and humbling. Used the Vickers +2 and mag change was at about 8.5 seconds for a total time of around 12 seconds. Used a CZ P10s with a 407k. Naturally did better with 7 hits in about 8.5 seconds. Didn’t bother doing any more runs as by now I was “warmed” up.

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    I finally got to try this today. My cold run AIWB with my g43x(RDS) was 4A 3C 3D in 9.81s

    I spent some more time shooting pairs at 25y and working on grip tension with G43x before moving to a full size gun for the rest of my practice session this morning.

    These little guns paired with an optic are impressive.

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    I have been just way to busy getting ready for a business trip, to get to the range.

    I will add some thoughts on longer handgun shooting, back in the day we had to qualify out to 50 yards. 50 is where most guys blew their score up, due to missing. Remember this was all done with revolvers. But I have always stressed longer shooting with a handgun.

    In Israel, we were cursed with so many stupid things and ideas that came out of the start of the country. But when you are buying war surplus pistols by the crate, your getting a mix of everything. So many .32 or even .25 pocket type pistols were bought because they were better than nothing. But from that came the idea that handguns were only lethal and accurate to 10 meters.

    So I always pushed people to shoot at greater distances. I would ask them, so the terrorist is at 90 meters with an AK, what are you going to do? Then I would teach them to shoot at that distance.

    When I get back from my trip I am going to shoot this drill with my carry guns. with a Glock 34 with 6 inch match barrel with Leupold Delta micro, Overwatch DAT trigger with a 3.5 pound connector. Also if my KKM 357 sig barrel arrives by then I will shoot it with the Glock 35 which is set up the same as the 34 just in 357 sig.

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    I shot this drill today and thought it was A zone hits only so I thought I sucked ass with two hits in A zone. I had 8 hits on paper but realized most of my hits were high and left. So I sighted in my gun and saw it was hitting way high and left, go figure. After re sighting it in, I ran the drill on steel and made 8 hits on a MGM slant, (maybe 9 one shot looked like a double), I think I was around 12 seconds. Shot with my P320 compact ( G19 size).

    Going to take another run next week cold with a proper sighted in gun.

    Anyone else having trouble with Imgur, I can't get to my Images to add images...?

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