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Thread: 25 yard zero with Aimpoint on a 2 mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opngrnd View Post
    My rifle wears a Steiner 1-4 in a 1.93 mount. Zeroed at 200 yards, I shot a group 1.5 low at 27 yards. Looking at Strelok, I'd zero at .5" low at 25m to get an approximate zero at 300m.
    Awesome, thanks for the info!

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    As we always say, the bullet don’t lie. So set your zero and learn your hold overs or unders. Try different ammmo and then finally your goto ammo depending on your gun. Looks like you are well on your way.

    Funny story, I have a friend that inherited a 308 from his FIL. He worked for Coors and the owners were big hunters so he went on all these amazing Elk and deer hunts. He told me for years about his hunts with pictures….I go back to KY and ask to see his rifle. I asked, did you zero at 100 yards or 2 inches high at 100? He looked at me confused and said what are you talking about, I explained again. He replied “ I have never zeroed my gun, I figured my FIL put the scope on so I’m good”. And he killed everything. I laughed at myself and thought good point- I guess.

    That being said I’m still anal about dialing my scopes in, but how likely are we going to miss a bad guy inside 100 yards regardless if we set 25-50-100 yards? Not likely but I still do it. Just a story to put it all in perspective.

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    ^ This.

    I zero most rifles and carbines at 200 yards, and then verify other distances. Realistically on anything inside 200 yards to 50 yards with a 5.56 zeroed at 200 yards, I will put the dot, crosshairs etc on the target and press the trigger. With a 2 MOA red dot or center dot in an LPVO the aiming point at 100 yards is large enough to pretty well obscure any difference in POA vs POI.

    Inside of that I have to hold high to account for height over bore. Again on most targets outside of dot torture, a tight head box, or an occluded target you can still essentially ignore it and just drive the gun.

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