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Thread: IDF 1022 video and my comments

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    Didn't Ruger market a factory surpessed 10/22 a few years back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiservontexas View Post
    Bolt action .22lr would make for a very quiet rifle suppressed. The first time I ever had any experience with a suppressed .22lr was a marlin model 60, and the bolt clacking, what I called the noise of it, surprised me with how loud it was cycling. Granted that noise was nowhere near the sound of a unsuppressed rifle, and part of the reason why it stuck out so much for me was due to the surprise of it. But if I was going for as quiet as possible it would be a bolt action or break action rifle; however, those lack the utility of a semiautomatic rifle for follow up shots. I still need to get a can one day.
    Even with a bolt you will get two clicks.

    Even when working with one of the most effective suppressed weapons, the MP5SD (which is amazingly quiet) when you eliminate this you simply notice that. While the bolt chatter wasn't extreme, you really noticed the brass hitting the deck and the rounds hitting the backstop.
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    Chuck, we miss ya man.


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    Quote Originally Posted by yoni View Post
    What is the mission for the rifle?
    That’s just the thing. I really have neither a need nor mission in mind! It’d be more of a ‘just ‘cuz I wanna do it’ build. I don’t even own a 10/22 right now. Which I think is almost sinful.

    I’ve built a nice, accurate 22lr suppressed AR15 and have a wonderfully cheap, quiet, accurate Savage MKII FV-SR bolt gun. I use the AR for practice and the bolt gun snipes sparrows at 60 yards all day long. Well, it used to. I ran out of sparrows…

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