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Thread: Best place(s) to buy once fired 9mm brass?

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    The issues Iíve seen are with pickup brass that has been reloaded too many times and near the case head gets weakened. The primer pockets were still tight but along with a slight accidental overcharge. Powder like Titegroup is so hot, it can happen being fewer grains off than a slower burning powder. Then it doesnít really matter what chamber you have, tight or loose, it can bulge and blow out.

    Saw a kaboom with a B&T PCC which are known to have tight chambers. The pressure blew out the extractor and poly lower. Confirmed not to be bump fired or any other sillyness. The same rounds fired fine in a CZ Scorpion so it seems like a crapshoot. Probably a small chance of it happening so I like to be safer than sorry.

    Most manufacturers wonít warranty reloads. Ranges probably donít want the liability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waylander View Post
    The issues I’ve seen are with pickup brass that has been reloaded too many times and near the case head gets weakened.
    I've seen tests where a piece of .223 brass was loaded 18 times in one session by a guy on Accurate shooter who had the equipment on hand at the range to do so. I simply don't buy that pistol brass can weaken to the point of failure before the mouth splits.

    In 30 years of reloading, I've only seem pistol brass fail from splits.... (assuming there wasn't an overcharge of propellant) And even mouth splits are fairly rare in non-revolver brass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MWAG19919 View Post
    I’m getting low on brass but still have some primers and bullets on hand I’d like to load. Do you folks have any suggestions where I can buy 1k-3k 9mm once-fired brass? Preferably non-crimped primer pockets if possible

    I've had very good experiences buying from TJ Conevera and Capital Cartridge (but not recently, and never 9mm).

    Otherwise, you might ask around your local range... Some of the old guys I know have 5-gallon buckets full of brass that they'd be willing to part with for a case of beer.

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