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Thread: Range day with 70 and 50 grain TSX (and a 62 too)

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    Range day with 70 and 50 grain TSX (and a 62 too)

    16" BCM Mid 16 mod 2, zeroed at 50 yards with ASYM 70 grain TSX. I had taken the micro red dot off, changed my mind and put it back on with a Daniel Defense quick release mount. So today was zero day and then see where I'm at. Factor in my mediocre ability, an old Aimpoint R1/H1? that has a 4 MOA red dot and it's probably nothing more than mildly amusing to me how I shot today.

    So at 50 yards with the ASYM 70 grain TSX, five rounds:

    50 yards with the Black Hills 50 grain TSX, five rounds:

    I realize that other than a sandbag rest, I'm really not keeping the rifle in any sort of repeatable, stable platform but still found the result sorta surprising after zeroing with the heavier round.

    And for no other reason than I had some left in a mag, here's 62 grain M855 at the same 50 yards, same BCM but a slightly different target.

    What does all this prove? That I had some time on my hands I suppose.

    Was a really nice day and was a nice change of pace from just working.

    Bonus pic proving nothing in particular. 12.5" Troy A4 Other at 15 yards: Running out of time and trying to get a quick zero with the Troy. Lower left and center black target is ASYM 70 grain TSX while lower right is my Barnes 62g TSX hand load. This was with having been zeroed previously with the 50 grain Black Hills. Seemed to get inconsistent "groups" and decided to switch the shorter barreled blaster to the heavier round. After seeing where it was hitting, adjusted down two clicks but did not re-verify at 50 yards.
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