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Thread: 700P 223 in the fold

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    700P 223 in the fold

    A few years ago my brother in law came up with a weird idea to build a M40 "clone" out of his Remington 700P 223. He wanted a M40 and didnt have any 308 rifles at the time, but he did have the 223. I thought it was an odd idea until a shot it and fell in love with the rifle. For me it wasnt so much the M40 aspects of it, as much as how comfortable a precision 223 bolt gun was to shoot.

    20210329_111237 by chase, on Flickr

    20210329_101450 by chase, on Flickr

    Recently he needed some money and asked me if I wanted to buy anything so I bought the rifle. I dont have any interest in the "M40" build so I returned the barreled action to the HS Precision stock. I also removed the Redfield 3-9 and base and put on a Nightforce 20 MOA base, Vortex precision rings, and a Nikon Black FX1000 4-16 scope. These parts got scavenged off other rifles and Im not sure they are permanent, but they will work for now. The rifle has a ridiculously light Timney trigger in it.

    The stock and Redfield are going back to him to build a real M40 later on when things get better.

    20220912_152141 by chase, on Flickr
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    Yes. Very nice!

    .223 Bolt Guns are a delight. The last I had was a SAKO sorta heavy barrel .223, Leupold optics. An old school gun.
    It was a Varmint (coyote) gun I used at the “ranch”.
    It was a casualty of my Divorce unfortunately.
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    That's a beauty. I have the 700VS, which has the HS Precision stock and 1:12 twist, and was the first bolt action I ever bought back in the late 90s. Like gaijin, mine has the slow twist, but back then I was deep into varmint hunting and slayed a ton of prairie dogs with the 45 grain Vmax.

    A few years ago I picked up a 1:9 twist 223 700LTR and find it to be of the best packages for field use. The slimmed down barrel and compact stock make for a handy little package.

    Remington really knew how to put them together back then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaijin View Post
    .223 Bolt Guns are a delight.
    One of the most enjoyable combinations to shoot. Especially suppressed.
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    Enjoy that new bad boy, should bring much fun and good training for years to come.

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