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Thread: Do I want a Benelli M2 or an M4?

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    Went to range with associate who brought along his beratta 1301 tactical 7+1.... have to say it was fun AF to shoot, really fast and nimble even for small stature (5'8 170lbs)
    bloke like myself, if I were in the market for a SG , this would be it !

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    I have the 1301 and the M4. I used to have super 90s which I think are kin to the M2. The 1301 is all-around more fun to shoot. The m4 is plainly more solidly built. Almost every part is over-built. The Beretta is smoother in almost every respect, from shooting to trigger and safety feel. But damn the m4 feels like it is indestructible. I honestly never liked my super 90s because they were so ammo sensitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleW View Post
    Curious how you went from Benelli M2/M4 to possible Beretta 1301 to the Mossberg.
    Fair question

    If I’m going to buy something I will typically buy best in breed. In this case I assumed the Benelli. I have a couple of Mossberg pump guns and knew they make the 930, which didn’t really do it for me.

    Now combine the Mossberg I’m already familiar with along with not having to deal with itar nonsense just to add an extension and that made the decision easier.

    Bonus for the red dot mount. I don’t really need one (yet lol), but it’s nice to know I can add one easily if necessary.

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    Please let us know on how it shakes out for you? And maybe an update after 500 rounds or so?

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