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Thread: Ruger precision rimfire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty223 View Post
    Uhhhhhh, you’re kidding, right? Well maybe whilst using Aguila ‘quiet’ rounds w/ no powder charge in them, as happened to me with my old vintage Win high Wall with a barrel by Harry Pope.

    I’ll just say that with a bevy of Anschultz 54s and the like, Winchester 52s and other target models in various forms, and now with Begaras, CZs and many other rifles of 24” barrels, as the gunsmith for our youth rifle programs … in over 40 years I’ve never seen one 22LR bullet get lodged in a 24” bore.

    If it happened to you, I’d blame cheap ammo for the squib …
    Yep, the Aquila is the only one I know of.

    BTW, the Ruger precision rimfire 22 LRs have 18" barrels like the 10-22.

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