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Thread: Low/no light shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by polydeuces View Post
    Just read your post; sounds like a real (fun) challenge.
    (Lets face it - NVG is just not obtainable for the 99% of us....;-)

    Wanted to ask,
    At what distance were you running these drills?
    And in your experience what would be a realistic 'max' distance to run no/low light light drills; is there a minimum output/type of light - pistol/rifle, etc?
    Any other takeaways?

    Thought my gear was mostly squared away in whats considered real world - 'intruder in house', 'close and personal' type scenarios; but once I actually started running drills and extending range clearly I was not.
    Convinced this goes for the majority of us - we simply don't practice in this environment and are unprepared for this essential skill set.
    My apologies for this late response, Iím just now seeing it. The drills I was talking about in my earlier post were from behind VTAC barricades from 35 to 50 yards with my AR. As mentioned I was using my Modlites, the carbine was equipped with a AP Micro. I have used a LPVO with my OKW head out to 200 yards on full size silhouettes but not with blackened pistols like described in the drill.

    Pistol drills were 25 yards and closer with a RDS and SF X300U. And yeah, night sights are pretty useless.

    Iím convinced there is no such thing as too much light at night shooting. I saw a bunch of lesser lights not up to the task of extended ranges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by titsonritz View Post
    I saw a bunch of lesser lights not up to the task of extended ranges.
    For sure. I have some cheaper Solarforce LED modules where the beam is really too focused for indoor use, and even those suckers aren't good at 50 yards and beyond.
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