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Thread: Finally my 43c is running!

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    Finally my 43c is running!

    I went on a quest to get a reliable .22lr jframe as an old man bun, trainer and just overall a higher round count and lighter option to my 340m&p.

    Well come to find out all the light primer strikes stories you hear about are 100% true. From the factory on both my 317 and 43c I had about 1 round not go off the first strike in about 4 cylinders full.

    Replaced the mainspring with a new old stock 317 mainspring and. Its now have 200 rounds all 100%.

    Brian Goode
    NC Knifemaker

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    I need to pick up another one of these.
    Let those who are fond of blaming and finding fault, while they sit safely at home, ask, Why did you not do thus and so?I wish they were on this voyage; I well believe that another voyage of a different kind awaits them.

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    Have two of these, never had an issue so far, round counts were 1200 and 900. Great fun!


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