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Thread: Doughnut in my 223 cases

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    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post
    PB has a Rem 788 with a 12 twist. That is truly a crippling twist rate in a bolt gun in .223.
    Funny thing is,, I wasn't trying that hard with the load.

    62 Hornady BTHP
    22.5 SMP735 surplus ball powder that is a touch faster than H335
    Magtech SR primer
    PMC brass
    Loaded to 2.260 on a Dillon 550.

    I think I could get rid of some of the vertical if I turned up the powder charge a little more and used a CCI 450 but I was happy, considering I paid $250 for the rifle.
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    I just checked again, no 62 gr BTHP to be had. I'll probably just buy 69 gr BTHP and be done with it. The only reason I mentioned Hornady 60 gr VMax is because the OP was working with 62 grainers. Hmmm, MidSouth shows a 62 gr BT Soft-Point. That would likely work better than the 62 gr FMJBT as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarshallDodge View Post
    Funny thing is,, I wasn't trying that hard with the load.
    I had that happen with 6.5 creed. Wore my ass out trying to get accuracy out of that round. I finally gave up and just tossed some regular FED LR primers in to Hornady brass and just loaded stuff to shoot, and It worked great.
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