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Thread: My report from Desert Brutality 2022

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    My report from Desert Brutality 2022

    I just finished DB '22 so while my memory is fresh I'll report on my thoughts and experience.

    DB '22 was held at the SUPS Range in southern Utah. SUPS is a great range with some really awesome people running it. Every interaction I had with staff was excellent. But the range is limited in distance [200yrds max] and calibers 7.62x39 or less. Since I use 5.56 it was no problem for me. Since we limited to 200yrds and in I decided to shoot in the iron sights division.
    The limited distance changed the nature of the match from DB '21 [distance out past 500yrds] and an emphasis on accuracy to closer in and more handgun action. It was still fun and I enjoyed my experience.

    LBE: I used the same pouches I had from DB '21 but I changed over from the surplus Dutch vest to a very simple, lightweight chest rig made from straps. It was less restrictive and a little cooler, good for my normal tropical weather but I almost wished I had the extra warmth of the Dutch vest for Utah desert cold.

    I used the same Solomon Speedcross 5 shoes from DB '21, they continue to be awesome, lightweight, great support and flawless traction on all terrain. I never use them on pavement, the lugs remain sharp and deep.

    Pants: surplus Austrian military, inexpensive and one of the few pants in the category that fit my 36" inseam. I also used suspenders to help hold up my heavy-a$$ Colt pistol while running, an improvement over last year. I also used a Wilderness Tactical belt that I have had and used for 20 years now. I ditched the belt pistol mag pouches from DB '21. All Mags were carried on my chest rig.

    Rifle: Ballistic Advantage 16" black stainless mid-length with pinned front sight block and Forward Controls 6315 FH. The rear sight is a Scalarworks fixed rear. Previously I used a DD A1a rear but this Scalarworks is just better. My old LMT lower with ALG trigger and Magpull SL stock. The handguard is also a magpul SL that I painted in a desert camo pattern. During the course of the match the rifle got banged around a lot on props and roughly placed on the ground at times. Dirt and dust like one might expect in the dry Utah desert but zero malfunctions. At one point as the rifle was lying on the ground I was getting up to heave a 50lb kettlebell and my foot kicked dirt/rocks/dust right onto the closed bolt, no problem.
    Pistol: My long suffering Colt .38 super continues to run and run. One of the high points for me was spinning the rifle and pistol spinner for the first time. When I made my hits with the super it turned the spinner without trouble. Wilson 10 round mags.

    One of my lessons from last year was to wear my scarf to keep the sun off my neck, I did and it worked to prevent sunburn.

    New lesson: I have focused on improving my rifle shooting for the past year and it has improved. I am now very confident with my rifle but, my pistol shooting has suffered. Despite spinning the pistol spinner I had one stage that I timed out on because of my pistol shooting. I must get back to basics with my pistol, it was trigger control, it's always something...

    That is all for now. If I think of something else I will update.

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    Sounds like fun.

    I shot an " NRA Modern Military" League this Summer, primarily to improve my Offhand precision. While I found it to be mindlessly boring and SLOW paced, it DID help with 100 yd. accuracy Offhand.
    I'd always been a "if you can get steady, get steadier" shooter with any distance/precision requirements. That and endless "Run and Gun" Stages/Drills had handicapped me with the Offhand shooting.
    A true "Gun Guy" (or gal) should have familiarity and a modicum of proficiency with most all firearms platforms.


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