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Thread: Med kit for family

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    Any med kit today needs to have a supply of Ivermectin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndmiller View Post
    Any thoughts on a simple booboo/medical bag (separate from above)? Been searching around for something simple, easy and budget friendly.

    At this point thinking HPG Tool Roll (more organization) or GP Medium Pocket (less organization) both under $50.
    As others have posted, tool bags work great for this purpose and are generally much higher quality than cheap bags marketed for medical purposes.

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    We have a few of these; keep one in the vehicles, on top of the refrigerator, etc.

    Also have a number of them in different places around our worksites. Their design makes them easy to carry around and to spot in an emergency.

    The cool thing about TraMedic is that they have visual aids included in the subkits, with the subkits divided by injury. So, you pull the subkit based on the injury, and it has everything you need to treat that injury right in the subkit. The visual aids also help with remembering how to treat each injury. Not sure if they still offer them, but TraMedic used to offer really good videos for training. Even kids could watch them and remember what to do. If you are looking to coach your kids up on this stuff, might be worth taking a look.

    Disclosure: I know the guy who owns the parent company, Tactical Medical Solutions (they make the SOFT-T), but I'm not employed by them nor would I get anything from this recommendation.

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