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Thread: Were the Elections in Arizona "Fixed" for Democrats?

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    Were the Elections in Arizona "Fixed" for Democrats?
    Does a mohammedan bear shiite in the woods?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post
    True. The left is much better at throwing tantrums and getting their gay agenda and their legal weed, etc.

    And anytime the right pushes back, the media paints them and fringe/racist, etc. so that a mush head lost in the middle subconsciously wants to distance himself.

    There's already a clickbait article on my feed about AZ elections being fair and reliable as they certify the whole crock of crap. This is the stuff, as a kid, I couldn't believe citizens of foreign countries fell for. Half-baked propaganda.
    I think we need to start by fixing the media, then the mindless will follow and believe.
    I don't know how to fix the media, well, I do, but some consider my ideas drastic.

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    My greatest fear is that one day people will start hanging politicians and "journalists" from light poles. My second greatest fear is that they will run out of light poles.

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