I dunno...I never had an issue but read enough about it to not doubt it.

As an average shooter who only gets to the range once a month but CCW a full size 1911 (Alchemy Prime) I LOVE the redundant safeties! Not once have I had an issue with GS not working either way.

ANY firearm has a technique you must master to perform as designed. Didn't take me long to operate the thumb safety and as I said never an issue with grip safety. BTW I have smaller hands too.

The 1911, with redundant safeties, can be tuned to a <3lb trigger pull. Has less recoil than a polymer frame and more accurate. I have no interest in carrying a Glock type with no safety! Talk about adrenalin influencing performance with an ND! In fact I've seen more issues with jackwagon and Glocks than 1911s!

Unless you're the type you can fire 1000's of rounds down range a month a 1911 with thumb and grip safety are the best for EDC IMO. Then again if you are in this class you have no excuse for not mastering the 1911 and making it 99.999999999% reliable in your hands!