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Thread: Lets talk 22LR Favorites

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    My M&P15-22 is also one of my favs in 22LR. I have a SSA trigger, Surefire can, RDS is a hot set up.

    My extra shit cost twice what the gun cost but it runs. My Colt SAA is a fun handgun for me.

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    I stuck to handguns in my first post, but since we are talking rifles too...

    If you have not shot a decent 22 LR AR, either S&W 15-22 or one of the dedicated rimfire AR uppers or builds, you owe it to yourself to do so.

    I assembled a CMMG pattern dedicated .22 LR AR with a 16" pencil barrel and a FF rail. In addition to MBUS sights, I run 3 different optics on it - an inexpensive red dot, a 2-7 scope, and a 1-4 scope. Each has its place and purpose, including MBUS only, which makes for a very light gun.

    I have been amazingly happy with the way it turned out and the way it works. Its usefully accurate and mine is very reliable (will happily run poor bulk ammo my Rugers choke on).

    When I say reliable, I mean 500 or more bulk rounds in an afternoon with no cleaning and zero malfunctions. It even has fewer dud rounds than my Rugers and I am not sure I understand how.

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    OK, back to handguns, I have a Colt Scout, single action with basic sights. It shoot to point of aim @ 25 yds, & is very accurate. I acquired it in the mid 1960's while in the Air Force. My first handgun, I sold it once & got it back. Years ago my Dad fitted a scope mount for it, back when handgun scopes were rare. We could shoot walnuts out of a tall tree. The scope & mount got away from me but I take the handgun out for air from time to time. It has countless thousands of rounds thru it. i loaned it to other Airman I trusted to go target shooting. They would always buy a brick & shoot them all. Yep I kept it on base along with other firearms (against regs of course. I kept them in the trunk of my 57 Chevy. We had shakedown inspection a few times. The big cheese would search our rooms & then say if you have a car, go out to the parking lot for a car search) i'd say, no car.

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