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Thread: What barrel for a 223 bolt gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hi-wayman View Post
    I've been looking here as well. They offer Criterion and Shilen barrels.
    I noticed that Shilen offers both 6 groove conventional rifling and their own "4-groove Rachet Rifling". Is the 4-groove similar in performance to the "5R" rifling? Has your buddy used that?

    Trying to avoid ordering the barrel until after the action arrives.
    Quote Originally Posted by m1a_scoutguy View Post
    I'll hit him up and see what he says, give me a day or so.
    Sorry it took me so long to get back at ya but here is what my buddy said: (The Barrels I am familiar with are 6 groove Button rifling. I had better luck with criterion over shilen. I had a shilen 6.5-284 and a 260 Remington. They shot well but not as good as Criterion 223 and 6br's. I believe any will shoot well.
    The defining factor is in the handloading/load development and shooter practice. Plus a little luck on the quality of the finished barrel That would be a good question for James at Northland.) Hope this helps & like he says, give James a call @ NORTHLAND and see what he says.

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    I just wanted to thank you guys for your advice on this.
    I ended up ordering a Shilen 26" Varmint contour stainless select match from NORTHLAND. It was in stock already chambered in 223 REM VLD and threaded. It should be here Wednesday.
    The in-stock cinched it. I went on the notification list for a Bartlein 224 Varmint blank. They got "1" in and I was too slow to get it. It would have also required to be chambered and threaded. it appears my choice of 223 limited my choices. Fair amount of 6, 6.5, and 308 were available.
    I'll have a few days off at Christmas and hope to be able to shoot it then. Assuming the XRS stock arrives by then.

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