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Thread: Pistol choices

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    Pistol choices

    So after many years of using my Colt Super Auto I have decided to try something else for a while. Maybe I need a vacation from the government model, I feel a little stale with the trigger. I used to compete very successfully with a DA revolver in IDPA so I'm not intimidated by a DA pull. Also, I never found the 10+1 capacity of the super to be a hindrance yet capacity is an advantage.
    This will be a general purpose/competition/defensive pistol. I will compete with it but it must be suitable for carry and defense. Of course it must be reliable. I've pretty much settled on 9x19 pistols, I did consider .40, and .40 S&W would be even easier to find that .38 SA. But plenty of guys and gals spin the pistol spinner with 9x19 so I dispensed with that idea.

    So as of now I am considering several pistols, all 9mm. In no particular order:

    - H&K VP 9, I have a bunch of P-30 magazines left over from my old P-30, long gone.
    - H&K P-30 LEM, This is the model I would get now. My old one was a DA/SA
    - SIG P-229 or 226 SAO, this is the Legion model, expensive but occasionally found used. The SA triggers on these are very nice. Also, I have a few left over mags from an earlier P-226.
    - Springfield SA-35, their new improved Hi Power version. I also have some leftover mags for this as well.
    - CZ P07, I had one of the originals that was awesome, shooting it was instinctive and inside 10 yards sights were not required for center hits on a IDPA or IPSC target. But it developed the frame bulge that these early ones were known for so the mags started sticking when released. The new ones are said to have cured that problem. Sold it too.
    - One of the new Beretta 92 series G models. I have many thousands of rounds behind a M9 pistol and I still have my 92FS compact which I am using now as a stand in for DA/SA pistol. The grip is a little abbreviated yet my hand fits, just, so the full size grip would be a little better.

    Not so sure about the SA-35, I've had at least two HiPowers but none now. I really like the idea of a easy DAO like the HK VP9 and LEM P-30, I've heard that the old S&W 5946 and 5944 were very good DAO pistols too.

    Please don't suggest a Glock, I've tried to like several, I wanted to like a Glock but they just don't agree with me.

    So I am asking for thoughts on this, I am not in a hurry as it won't be until early next year when I am ready to make a move on this question. Just gathering information for now.

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    I would look into Walther as well. DO you want to run optics on the gun?

    The PPQ has some competition models and the newer PDP line gets really good feedback. I am going to be picking up a PDP 4'' compact soon. Another plus for these if you go with a striker fired gun is the triggers are about as good as it gets

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    Have you seen the S&W Sigma thread?
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    The gen2 CZ P10-C and the -F models are nice. One of the better factory striker fired triggers and great ergos. The new Beretta APX-A1 is a steal and has a trigger closer to the PDP level. The PDP slide is just too chunky for me. Of course the PPQ is nice but Iím not a fan of the more rolling trigger break.

    If I could have any HKs right now it would be a P30L light LEM and an HK45 light LEM. The VP9 is just average to me considering the price over others.
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