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ACOGs can certainly be used for CQB... Thing is... It's usually better to switch to a pistol in a CQB/confined-space situation.
Still, If an ACOG is all that you have to work with, it can work, but you really need to train with it as a CQB-use item because the magnification, while minute, does impact it's use in CQB environments (You really need to practice targeting things with both eyes open because it takes practice putting the chevron that your right eye sees on the target that your left eye sees more clearly.) & that's pretty much it in a nutshell. The one plus side (for some) to using an ACOG rather that a dot sight for CQB is that the ACOG doesn't affect those suffering astigmatism as most red dots do (the chevron doesn't appear as a starburst/spider-web like red dot sights do to those with astigmatism.).

Just some things to think about.
Cover the front glass with a lens cap; keep both eyes open.

Phoria is a thing with many. You have to shoot it and see.