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Thread: What is the best combo of 300 BLK plinking and self-defense subsonic?

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    Especially with 300 mags. Those are made with more clearance at the front rib for loading heavy subsonic bullets longer without pigeon toe.

    There isnít a 300 magazine that I know of with a rib at the case shoulder to prevent a short OAL round from moving forward. I donít know if thatís because nobody making mags understands this or if there isnít enough shoulder on the 300 for a rib to work.

    The best solution at this time is to use ammo with the longer 300 specific bullets loaded to mag length. Like black tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint View Post
    The 110gr Barnes Tac-TX is the best performing load but is very expensive.

    The Hornady 110gr Vmax is a good performer at a more reasonable cost.
    I've been tempted to pick up some of this, but I'm sitting on almost 2 cases of the Barnes 110 grain magic slayer ammo. Still, I'm tempted.


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    Anybody ever try the S&B eXergy Blue tipped 110gr?

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    All of these 110gr loads are supersonic, not subsonic like the guy is asking for. And they take a fair amount of velocity to expand - which drops off quickly in most short barreled 300BLK rifles which makes your lethal range usually pretty short. Look up the minimum reliable expanstion velocity for that bullet, and use a ballistic calculator to plot the velocity of your round at different distances. Not that a hole poked in someone won't still hurt, but it's a far cry from a typical expanding rifle round wound.

    The only subsonic round I'd use for hunting or defense is the Hornady 190fr Sub-X. It's the only one designed to expand at subsonic velocities, and it runs great in my 300BLK. Even that acts more like a heavy pistol round than a real rifle round, but it's way better than a FMJ.

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