Now that I have retired and am bored at times I read or watch you tube videos lately, like everyone else with an opinion I have one. I have seen people say the shotgun is worthless except for hunting, they say a long barrel protruding around corners while trying to clear a house will give your location away and someone will take it from you...maybe.
I'm not going to go kicking doors and clearing houses anywhere, I am considering the direction this country is heading at an escalated rate. I do not want to be outgunned in my own house regardless of who comes through the door and in the days forward we will never know who it's going to be, it could be 1 thug or 5, they may be kids or trained men.
Sure I have a pistol, belt, 2 extra mags by the bed and that may be the quickest to grab but 1 step away is a IWI Tavor 12 bullpup SG with 15 rounds in it, it is only 28" long. The way they are made with 3 tubes one could hold slugs and the other 2 buck.
Outside where shots could be over 50yds it wouldn't be the best choice but inside at 15-45ft it will work.