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Thread: Vickers vs. V-Tac Slings

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    For a long time I have looked at every single sling design and was actually thinking of getting a BFG with every bell and whistle.

    I just use magpul padded ms1s, its simple, the plastic hardware is kinda meh, the slider is easy to grab and doesnt get in the way and it keeps.
    You can chop it up to the lengths you want and if it snaps elsewhere magpul will still warranty it.
    Yeah sure "magpul" but damn some times I can find these on sale for like 20-30 bucks and they work really well.

    As for the "storage" I just wrap it around the grip and it falls apart as I pull it out of the vehicle, no extra steps and it stays there.

    I have tried to find a "better sling" but most people dont really know what they want in a sling, hell people still buy 1 point slings enough that people still make them and lose money off it.
    for what they are and availability is hard to beat, I havnt had one fail on me yet and im still trying to find something else that isnt an over designed or engineered and charged more for it when its all just nylon.

    If you want you can build your own sling from the stuff milspec monkey has on his website
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    I’ve use Vickers and the Magpul MS3(?). The only slings I have are Vickers.

    They take some time to break in, but once they do, they’re smooth as butter.

    I will be ordering a Vtac sling here soon just to try out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Whalstib View Post

    I can never find either on the shelf and ordered a Vickers. It's ok but I find the action not so smooth. Sure that's part of keeping in in place but I noticed the V-tac has what I consider better hardware.

    Any opinions either way?


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