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Thread: Glock Performance Trigger

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    I installed the Performance trigger in my Gen G19, this was the latest version that came with a Gen 5 backplate for use in Gen 4 guns.
    Trigger felt good on dry fire but on first live fire the slide would lock back every shot. Investigation revealed that the trigger shoe was pushing up the slide lock. The relief cut on the left side of the shoe was at a different angle than on the stock Gen 4 trigger shoe. It wasn't low enough and was pushing up the slide lock.
    I solved the problem by replacing the Glock shoe with an Overwatch Precision Polydat shoe that I had on the stock trigger bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LowSpeed_HighDrag View Post
    A few guys I trust say it is "meh".
    I’ve been using one a while now, and that’s not too far off. It is an “improvement”, but a noticeable though incremental one. It’s not quite as good as a Timney, which is itself not as good as a hammer gun, or a P99. None are going to turn a polyamorous “gun guy” into a skilled monogamous shooter overnight, anymore than a new brand of golf balls will make me a better golfer than the ones I find in the woodline. It is lighter, and crisper.

    The improvement is more noticeable in my 5th gen with extra power striker spring than it is in an otherwise stock one. For a general purpose shooting gun, its worth it if you don’t have something better you need to do with $100, like putting it toward another case of ammo. For a work gun, I think the stock trigger is fine.

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    I have also been testing out some different trigger setups. The original Glock performance trigger was a no go, trigger safety tab catching, having to change the connector to get a decent wall and the fat trigger shoe. When the version 2 was released, I figured why not. Everything was an improvement over the original, except the trigger shoe. I have a Ranger Proof shoe on it's way so I can see if that improves things a bit.

    In the meantime, my Timney Alpha arrived. It is a brand new current production version. Honestly I was expecting to have to send it back from all the negative things I had read. It installed with zero issues and there is more than enough clearance between the striker and trigger bar, so no light strikes. I'm also using a factory Glock + connector, and with this setup, I am getting a solid wall, clean no creep break, with consistent pull of 4.76, which I was looking for weight wise in a carry trigger. The trigger shoe also has the perfect reach for me, which was the biggest issue with the GPT fat shoe. So far I am very impressed with the Timney in this configuration. I'm going to run the hell out of it and see how it holds up. I know there is more maintenance involved in the Timney as well as the GPT and I'm fine with that especially for the performance I gain with them.

    If I am going to be in a situation where I can't easily maintain the system, I'll throw the factory trigger back in and go. Otherwise I'm firmly in the Timney camp right now.

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