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Thread: Hurricane bug out bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerplode View Post
    Where do you plan to bug out to? You do have a plan for that that is more detailed that "hop in the car and drive somewhere", right?

    Unless you're bugging out to "the woods", a 3-4 days supply of food seems like a bit much. Especially since food is low priority and the most likely scenario is driving a few hundred miles inland to stay at a hotel for a few nights...

    I'd pack a couple meals and use the rest of the space for water, warm clothes, important documents, etc.

    But what do I know...I live in the high desert where the biggest threats are drought and cold exposure.
    We have thought about this but havent mapped out a escape route just yet. You bring up good things to think about.
    What got us really thinkjng about acting was tarnado warnings the other night. Now not sure how we can prepare for these storms other than making sure we have food and water on hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasAggie2005 View Post
    Born and raised in SE Texas, so I've have a few hurricane evacuations under my belt. Emergency food is about #20 on my list of what's needed in a hurricane bugout situation.

    Having important documents handy and readily accessible, computers, irreplaceable pictures, external hard drives with scanned backups of EVERYTHING, photos of house/vehicles/possessions left behind, medications, minimum 1 truck tank worth of gas, lots of CASH, water & road trip snacks, spare clothes, wife/kid/pet's shit, chainsaw (with gas/oil) & misc tools to get back onto property and into potentially damaged house, travel guns & ammo (duh), and probably some more I'm forgetting.

    Save your freeze dried stuff for when you get back to your house after bugging out and don't have power for two weeks.

    And I like most all of their items, FYI.
    Im working on an older diesel truck with an inbox spare tank and ways to turn the truck into a generator, 7.3 IDI can run on old motor oil and fryer oils, keep a few filters on hand because they can get filled up. I just build normal shelter type stuff if im trapped in the woods(thanks boy scouts!), otherwise yes cash and coins for hotels or something.

    I like to have a lot of quarters because vending machines or airpumps and the sort, and dont forget the cosby sauce to remount a wheel if needed in a pinch.

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    I've got to agree with the others, emergency food is pretty low on my list of Hurricane preps. Being prepared to "camp out" at home w/o electricity is the name of the game. Lots of good food and drink that can be stored and consumed easily w/o a lot of clean up is key. Also a generator, chain saws w/ safety gear(!!!), some cash, and plenty of BIG tarps will see you through.

    That being said I like and eat Mountain House on a semi frequent basis. I would suggest that you buy a MH "Emergency Kit" from CostCo or another big box store, gather the family and have yourselves a taste test weekend!

    I no longer live in hurricane country but I do live in the sticks! I keep 3+ days of food for two In each of our vehicles. I use a .50 cal ammo can to keep the critters (mice, rats, etc.) at bay. Breakfast, dinners, a couple of lifeboat ration blocks, tea, coffee, and some sweets. I pack that sucker full! I'm basically ready to do a 3 day backpacking trip, on zero notice, 24/7 365(Or maybe 270... winter in the high-country would SUCK!)! It pays to be prepared!

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