Not really gun related. I fly a lot in a single engine plane, living in Montana, and it being winter, throw an extra bag in the plane with me. It usually has the heaviest socks Filson makes, wool pants, OD green wool heavy wool shirt, scotch cap and my thickest gloves. On the outside is an ifaik. On me I carry a fire steel with some cotton balls in a pill bottle that have been impregnated with petroleum jelly, a couple knives one being a fixed blade esee, 1911, good footwear, a coat, wool sweater, some type of cover, and wool liner gloves. If it is super cold, I wear Duckworth tops and bottom for a base layer. I carry all this crap in case the plane decides it wants to shit the bed and I get the joyous opportunity to spend the night out in the harsh cold on the side of a mountain. The plane has mylar blankets and some survival stuff in it, including tarps etc. Any other suggestions one can think off, you have to remember, there is a weight issue being a plane, and a size issue. Thanks