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Thread: Netflix show Kleo and does Margot Honecker = purple hair inspiration

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    Netflix show Kleo and does Margot Honecker = purple hair inspiration

    I finished watching Kleo on Netflix which is "inspired" by Stasi assassins slightly before the end of East Germany through slightly before reunification. It is fairly entertaining with a good dose of weird mixed in. One of the more interesting parts of the show was the quirky/humerous mannerisms of the cast, particularly the lady playing Kleo. Never really seen that in a show heavily featuring Germany which is undoubtedly due to everything else I recall watching about Germany being WWI, WWII, or Bader Meinhoff gang focused.

    Kleo - Wikipedia

    One of the characters with a real life counterpart was Erich Honecker's wife. I had read about several East German heavies, but somehow missed that Margot Honecker was scum in her own right and had missed her being the purple witch with purple hair. After learning that tidbit, I wonder how much(if any) of the current purple hair scene is somehow paying homage to her.

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    My wife has had purple hair for years now, lately she’s been seeing more and more people with it too. I wonder if that has something to do with it.. Funny thing because she’s hardcore righty tighty
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