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Thread: New Tisas 1911

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    Quote Originally Posted by polydeuces View Post
    Been on the fence getting a 'GI' 1911 for years. I mean its such an old outdated design right...?
    While back a friend let me shoot her dad's WW2 issued 1911, not super accurate but just a joy to shoot. (Only issue was the sights...holy crap....). Felt like it was made for my hand - made me want one. But prices for a decent 1911 are a bit steep, and 'budget', well you tend to get what you pay for.
    Fast forward ~ 4 weeks ago, big sale at PSA: Tisas 'government issue', black cerakote, $299....
    How could I hold out any longer? At that price nothing to lose.
    Behold my amazement.
    Out of the box no question its a well made gun. Very clean machining and tight where it counts. With just the right very small 'updates' to make it even better, but visually still 'GI' model.
    Trigger is crisp and light, almost unreal for a factory 1911. Eats whatever I feed it, sights are almost ok - so I put on a Streamlight TLR6 and yo its a friggin tack driver.
    (And making me question the entire current polymer frame/striker fire/barrel unlocking concept.)
    So its made in Turkey; which sort of explains the price point - wages in general over there are a fraction of what they are here & 'elsewhere', yet clearly there's some highly skilled machinists running state of the art equipment.
    Not sure if I just got lucky, but yeah one of the best deals ever.
    The Turks have a history of making excellent firearms from pounding out AK parts in outdoor bazaars to high-end guns.

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