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Thread: Best 9x19 grain for Glock pistols?

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    I've returned to conventional JHP's in my Beretta Centurion for two reasons:

    1. There isn't much armor that might be used by a BG the 68 gr bullet at 1715 fps (my chronograph) will defeat. Many of the inexpensive armor panels are IIIA, IIIA "+", or higher.

    2. It doesn't take long for these very lightweight bullets to lose velocity. I believe that by 50 yds the penetration capability will be comprised. (Against any target) Good for misses, bad for hits.

    I still like them in my Beretta Cheetah. Same 68 gr bullet, 1405 fps. I don't like the performance of any .380 JHP, and don't care for FMJ, either. I think the LeHigh bullet is good vs. FMJ here.

    I'm carrying Underwood 147 +p+ Gold Dot now. (1080 fps my chronograph)

    My 92X Centurion has a larger bore and shoots everything a little slower for the length. (4.25 in)

    I still like the Underwood 68 +P for 9mm PCC's, too, for HD. My CX4 pushes them out at about 2100 fps.
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