Shared with permission from Trevor Saunders (co-founder of this match), because he says it better than I ever could:

2023 Legion Memorial Run N Gun is hard to sum up in a single post. I've tried sitting down and writing a post more than once, and stared at a blank screen. Matt Stennett and Jay Roberts did an amazing job this year honoring 5th Group's losses, taking care of our Gold Star Families, and running 4 matches over the course of 3 days.

My biggest take away this year - witnessing the community that Trevor Graves started building around this match 7 years ago come together to grieve his loss, honor his memory, and care for each other. Our Legion family spent a lot of time processing lessons learned with Trevor's loss and discussing in-depth what we can do to stop the bleeding from unseen wounds in the warrior community. Jamie Korenoski said it best when he encouraged everyone to be invasive in their friendships. There is a lot of work to be done; but this match and the Legion family truly made last weekend a healing experience for me, and I don't think I'm the only one.

Some of the most impactful moments of the match were listening to Pete Jones and Shane Kerwin share their experiences and why they support the match. It's not a business opportunity for them. They don't walk away with profit. They do it because they believe in the mission and it's an opportunity to tell the stories of their brothers.

I made new friends, caught up with old friends, and lost a few pounds walking up the hill on Stage 1 about 80 times on Sunday. I can't thank the all-volunteer staff enough for coming back year after year to make this event happen.
Cumulatively, we crossed the $100,000 mark in funds raised for Special Forces Association, Chapter 38 over the last 7 years. That's not from "mega donors"; that's from the community showing up, competing, and generously giving. That's from individuals leveraging their talents and resources to raffle off paintings, guns, handmade swords. It's humbling and inspiring at the same time.

Thank you Dead Zero Shooting Park for hosting us. Even when M240b's show up unexpectedly, you've still been gracious and accommodating.

Spike's Tactical - you've been with us since the beginning and your consistent generosity is a testament to the character of your company.

Alan's Arsenal LLC - Thank you for your continued support! Your contributions to the prize table are unreal. And your shirts were outstanding this year!

I got to sample product from The Star Spangled Brewing Co. Uptown, another Green Beret owned business, and I can't wait until they break into the Kentucky market!

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- Thank you all!

Trevor Saunders carried Trevor Graves' plate carrier in his ruck this year as tribute. He says "The heaviest part of my ruck was Trevor's plate carrier. My small way of carrying him with me. Stay Classy. "