Stretz Tactical 2 Day Advanced Tactical Pistol
Double Eagle Pocono
332 PA-447
Newfoundland, Pennsylvania 18445
July 15 & 16, 2023

This class will start with difficult courses of fire to both assess and challenge shooters. As needed, we will revisit fundamentals to help clean up your performance. Topics covered include: Stress courses, shooting on the move, strong hand & support hand only drills - drawing, shooting, reloading & malfunction clearance 1 handed, close quarters shooting/shooting from retention, target discrimination drills (shoot/no shoot), alternate shooting positions, moving targets, team drills and more difficult timed events. The course focuses on shooting, moving & communicating under stress, to prepare you to not just survive, but thrive in a real world lethal force encounter.

Physical requirements: For all tactical classes, students must be able to run short distances & be capable of standing for long periods.

Student must have completed a prior basic "defensive" or "tactical" pistol class
Serviceable semi-automatic pistol of at least 9mm Para caliber
Sturdy holster (NO crossdraw, shoulder, ankle or Blackhawk Serpa holsters - I WILL ALLOW SERPA HOLSTERS ONLY IF YOU ARE AN ARMED PROFESSIONAL & IT IS YOUR ISSUED DUTY HOLSTER)
Minimum one double magazine pouch/Ability to carry minimum of two magazines
Minimum of three serviceable magazines (5 is better)
900 rounds of ammunition
10 Dummy Rounds
Eye and Ear Protection (electronic hearing protection is preferred)
Suitable range wear depending on the season
A positive attitude
Weapons lube

Baseball style hat
Lip balm
Lunch / Snacks for each day