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It just might not be a good candidate for a suppressor. I remember having similar issues trying to get cans to play well on a Beretta 92FS, finally just moved on. There was only one suppressor that worked well, an old AAC design with a push button mount, but it's long out of production.

The only suppressor I've had good luck with in a Mini 14 is the Gemtech Halo which mounts over the factory flash hider.
It seems many will have an issue with these OSS / Huxworx suppressors that tighten themselves unless the gun has a good shoulder for the mount to be gorilla-torqued on there.

If not you can use Rocksett on the mount and the can breaks it loose with its impact-gun impulses. Use Red Loctite and the Loctite will melt after the can heats it up and unscrew the mount.

Use a "normal" can and get gas-face and introduce reliability / durability issues to the gun that require tuning.

It's too bad because I enjoy shooting the gun with the can. The answer may be red Loctite and don't let it get too hot.

The only other 5.56 gun I like enough to consider buying is a Tavor X95. But the controls on my Tavor 7 are different and better. The X95 could easily have the exact same problem the Mini has with this can. (A poor shoulder)

Okay I'm tempted by the BRN-180 too but I dunno about its durability / reliability or thread shoulder.