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Thread: Holosun PID experiences

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    Holosun PID experiences

    Who has one, what has been your experience or observations?

    I appreciate and use both Surefire and Streamlight but additional quality options are a good thing.
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    Are there holsters available that will work with it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by georgeib View Post
    Are there holsters available that will work with it?
    Supposedly it fits in duty holsters that accommodate the X300U, such as Safariland.

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    I have the PID high lumen.

    Things I like:

    The construction feels solid. I'm not doing Sage Dynamics drop tests however.

    The front load battery is the way of the future. Surefire needs to come out with a model similar to this. Streamlight needs to revamp the TLR-1 to front load also.

    Beam seems bright and focused. I think it was Werkz Holsters that did a review and said output was close to what's claimed by Holosun.

    It will work in a Safariland L3 duty holster.

    Things I don't like:

    Pretty much the switches. Pressing inward on the paddles is not a very intuitive way of activation. I have decently long thumbs but it is still kind of funky. Running the light with the trigger finger seems easier but then pressing --in-- on something that's kind of close to the trigger seems like a potential AD in the making.

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