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Thread: SCOPESWITCH.............. WTF??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisM516 View Post
    I imagine it'll just be a digital zoom like a camera before too long.
    Do you mean digital zoom, or power zoom?
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    The only people in this country that don’t need to know or follow the law and can claim ignorance are those whom make it and those whom enforce it. The rest are subject to it are expected to know it inside and out.
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    I am past assuming the Leftists are “stupid” and now accept they are just evil and destructive and the consequences of their actions are intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disciple View Post
    Do you mean digital zoom, or power zoom?
    How hard could it be to strip the camera and screen components out of a phone and redesign them onto a smaller optic-size motherboard? Problem then is, you lose your iron sights until you dismount the thing unless it has a flip-down optronics section...
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