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Thread: Valley of Tears on MAX

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteyrAUG View Post
    True but while I understand armored units using a compact weapon like an Uzi.
    If I had a nickle for every M4 that I've seen caught in a turret, I'd have enough money to buy a big Coke.
    No one designing an American Tank has put more than two minutes of thinking in to how and where to carry a carbine. Nobody wants to dismount and you definatly need at least one M4 onboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoni View Post
    Remember they were running open bolt guns in 73, I really hate open bolt subguns.

    I own a micro Uzi closed bolt in Israel, and boy did it make me a lot of money through the years because it was accurate beyond belief.

    I think except for covert missions and it doesn't matter if it is a civilian using it for PDW or lads running covert missions where premature loss of cover would really mess things up the day of like an MP5 is over. MP5K, minior micro uzi, BT TP9etc all fill this role.

    Part of the reason for my desire of a 357sig with Leighi Defense is to extend the capability of a small gun.
    I'm aware. I have a factory IMI SMG, not a conversion.

    But even with a closed bolt MP5, I wouldn't want to go up against rifles outside. I know the AK rifles weren't terribly accurate, but they were accurate enough, especially since the Syrians and Egyptians invaded in large enough numbers to use Soviet massed firepower doctrine. Add to that they could engage in stand off distances when going up against Uzis and it's rather astonishing that Israel came out as well as they did. But obviously there were other factors more significant than the small arms employed.

    As for MP5 vs MP5k, I actually prefer the MP5A2 over all other variants. Just a tad more accurate and just a tad smoother.
    It's hard to be a ACLU hating, philosophically Libertarian, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, scientifically grounded, agnostic, porn admiring gun owner who believes in self determination.

    Chuck, we miss ya man.


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