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I just acquired my first MK12, which recently arrived from Centurion Arms. After some research and deliberation, and consideration of $ as well, my initial glass for this rifle is a Trijicon 2-10X36 FFP in Mrad. Most reviews of this scope are very positive, and I understand the negative aspects (not daylight bright, no parallax adjustment). The glass is very good, weight and size is reasonable, and I really like the reticle. I am an admitted FFP fan for sure. I like the idea of the Mk5 2-10 but when you figure in rings (35mm) as well as scope $, more than I wanted to initially invest. Maybe later.
Update: First time to the range today with the MK12. In a nutshell, the Centurion Arms MK12 is a tack driver. Using Black Hills MK262 1-C it was literally putting repeated rounds through the same hole. Amazing accuracy. Also, perfect functioning. And, the Credo 2-10X36 proved very useable for its first time out. Impressed with both rifle and optic.