WalMart is now begining to cut A/B and Bud Lite specific shelf space in order to give more room for their competition. At least that's what I saw on YouTube.

Now at first I was skeptical, but upon my own observations, they may be right.
My local WalMart has taken 50% of Bud shelf space away. Where once was a double cooler full of bud is a half a cooler of bud and a half a cooler of Quarts of various beers, not all A/B products, Coors and Miller are owning the rest of those coolers now.

Now when this began I was not a Bud Light Beer fan. I had no skin in the game except for a generally creepy feeling looking at their spokesperson.
But I must say, I am impressed with what happened.
Market Pressures and all.

But here's the funny thing the economy is in the crapper, WalMart is closing stores; so when Bud Light farts, WalMart has to burp.
See how that works?
WalMart is more sensitive to market pressures now. When Bud Light goes woke, before they go broke; folks with skin in the game start backing away from them like they have leporacy.
They lost their shelf space.
The genius in all of this it was so predictable, the magic was that everybody kind of went along with it, the sad part will be that we will forget about it by July 4th.