Which one is M4C's pick?

I am a southpaw shooter and finding the conversion for a Tavor isn't easy, at least being in stock anyway. I also don't like the idea of having to pay more for it either, like an additional accessory. That said, the Tavor is an IWI made system and as such has a solid reputation. Oh, and it is chrome lined.

The Hellion seems to be a little less expensive, more available, and can be switched to left-handed ejection without extra expense or hunting things down. Of course it's a Croatian design (not necessarily a bad thing) and is brought in by SA. The barrel is Melonited, not chrome lined. Now that isn't a disqualifier in and of itself, as Melonite would be a #2 choice for me if it wasn't chrome lined.

I've never been a huge bullpup guy, but lately I have been intrigued by the design, especially the short OAL but yet with a 16" barrel. My buddy has a Hellion (which I've only finger-fvcked, not shot) and he just got a Meta Tactical Glock bullpup conversion (which I did shoot). I have kind of taken a liking to the feel of the bullpup design.