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Thread: Tourniquet Mounted on Holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by LowSpeed_HighDrag View Post
    Lol at the 90% FUDD replies in here.

    TQ on holster makes it available by both hands, does not add bulk to holster or get in the way of anything, stops TQ fraying your uniform, and the mounts often allow a more neutral cant of the holster which adds in draw speed.

    These things are vetted beyond belief.
    Lol, yep I dig my reverse cant plate with tq from Centrifuge

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicious_cb View Post
    As for putting it on the outboard side of the holster, I run a Safariland ALS mid ride with the QLS fork and that already kicks it out to the point where its already banging on everything, I don't think Id want to add more bulk, again ymmv on the holster choice and set up.
    When we switched to Glocks, our Safarilands came with the QLS installed. I pulled that off within the month of the changeover.

    People gave me hell for it. Like I was going to kill babies because of it. Mainly, it allows the holstered gun to be secured by itself. Ok… but didn’t need it with the P2000 I had prior. Nor did I need it with the prior agency, that also used Glocks. Finger stays off the trigger, gun no bangy.

    Benefits really outweighed the risk for me. I have, to an extent, child bearing hips. No issue sitting in chairs or vehicles (only SUVs and pickups here… personal pickup included), which I was forced to pull the holster with the QLS. The original holster looked like it was a bumper car just from banging into things over that first month. Light holster, had it for a while… still looks better than that original one in regard to scuffs. Also add in that I like stuff closer in… similar with the taser holster directly on the belt, without the Blackhawk QD.

    I am not 100% sure the agency allows us to mount tourniquets to the holster… but I’ve seen a handful of people do it. One coworker that has it is the same one we all make fun of… has like three layers deep of pouches on his vest, every “tactical” thing he could put on every inch of belt/MOLLE. The worst was the flex cuffs on the back of the vest, which would become an easy/nice way for someone to strangle him from behind. I’m all for being prepared, but I doubt the apocalypse is starting in northern ME.

    To me, you are increasing grip that someone can grab the holster. Like yes, people can go directly for the gun… but you are adding that much more reach that wouldn’t be there without the holder. Without it, similar reach would be grasping a polymer/leather holster. Since the need of a tourniquet is really a “what if,” I think that consideration should be viewed.

    I do have a tourniquet on my vest. One in the truck. Another on my personal vest. And I think there are three or four throughout my house (I got a good deal on them). I don’t have one directly on me when I’m off duty.

    No… I’m not tossing one on my holster. If someone feels they need it, not going to argue it with them. If I end up dying without the tourniquet there, it is what it is.

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