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Thread: Purple haze in Holosun 509t?

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    Purple haze in Holosun 509t?

    And no , this has nothing to do with Jimi Hendrix... Anyway I picked up a Holosun 509T with green dot. Mounted it up to my pistol and hit the range for a day, so had the dot on for about 8 hours. When I got home I noticed there is now a purple halo in the inside of the glass, just enough that I can see it. Pretty sure it wasn't there before. When target focused it pretty much disappears but I find it very weird I didn't notice it before. Any thoughts on this? And please no" that's what you get for Chicom crap"....I've done several classes with some top notch instructors and they said its one of the better pistol dots.

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    Any chance you may have gotten some carbon buildup on the lens?


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