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Thread: Surefire E2E Executive LED Conversion Head

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    Surefire E2E Executive LED Conversion Head

    So, I know that the E2E line of SF is a bit dated, I'm on my second bulb, and given the cost, I'm thinking on an LED conversion head. The SF conversion is cost prohibitive, so my first choice is the Malkoff Devices, made in America and seem to get good reviews, second choice is Lumen Factory, overseas, however they seem popular?

    Not really sure which conversion head to get, so if you have past experience, pls chime in. Opinions and personal experience reviews are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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    I put a Lumen Factory in mine. It took a little tweaking to get it to consistently switch on. It has a decent pattern with no bright or dark spots.
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    I've used lumen factory p60 conversions in the past and I have multiple Malkoff products, although not the executive conversion head. I would recommend the malkoff without reservation. Speaking of that I have an E2e somewhere........


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